Friday, August 13, 2010

Real Life Secret Agent Spy Story

One day there will be a movie made about the lengths Chevron has been going to in a desperate effort to avoid responsibility for the disaster in Ecuador. Hiring journalists to spy for Chevron and then write false stories is just one of Chevron’s many unethical and quite often illegal attempts to manipulate the facts. I’ve said that many times, Chevron clearly thinks it’s above law and goes ahead with any crazy idea, no matter the consequences, to get out of its own oily mess. What surprises me is that there are people who can be bought and will willingly get involved in Chevron’s dirty defense tactics. Sam Anson of Kroll is the latest accomplice. To find out more about this man, read Chevron Pit’s latest post

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chevron Says One Thing and Does Another

The Chevron Pit writes about yet another violation and a
shameless move by Chevron. Chevron’s lawyers fought hard to get the
footage from Joe Berlinger’s documentary “Crude” saying it was
necessary for Chevron’s defense and promising it will never be used
for anything else. For anyone who has followed Chevron’s dirty defense
campaign it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that the moment Chevron
got the film outtakes, it passed it along to bloggers.