Friday, January 22, 2010

Shifty Chevron

I’ve read articles about Chevron using fake videos produced to look like “real news” to promote its lies about the $27 billion lawsuit against the oil company in Ecuador. Well, here’s another one from shifty Chevron. I found this photo online. It’s an old Texaco oil site, called Parahaucu3. Part of the site included an oil pit built by Texaco to store remaining oil and formation water from the well, drilled and operated only by Texaco. Petroecuador, the government-owned oil company, never drilled at this well. Chevron maintains Texaco cleaned this pit, as required by a remediation agreement in 1995.

It looks clean, right? It isn’t. I’m told that Texaco only filled the unlined pit with dirt. Today it’s covered with vegetation, but underneath is oil. The court’s independent expert tested this pit for contamination and found 206,512 parts per million of total petroleum hydrocarbons, 206.5 times above the legal limit in Ecuador, 2,060 times above the US norm.

That’s shifty Chevron for you.

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