Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Here we go again

Chevron is at it again-trying to stall the lawsuit. Now it is about Richard Cabrera- the court appointed economist who assessed the damages in Ecuador at 27 billion dollars. Chevron once said Cabrera wasn’t qualified to do the assessment. Now it’s saying he is qualified because he owns a company that does oil cleanup work.

This is not Chevron’s first attempt to exclude Cabrera, but so far the court has rejected Chevron’s motion every time. The oil giant ignores the fact that Cabrera did disclose to the court that he owned the company before he was even appointed as Special Master. Chevron had nothing against Cabrera and accepted him as the court-appointed expert with no objections at the beginning of the lawsuit. Besides, Cabrera would be banned from doing any cleanup work connected to the lawsuit anyway because of his role as Special Master.

Now, as Chevron grows more desperate, it tries to disqualify anyone who has anything to do with the lawsuit.
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