Monday, April 5, 2010

Newest Statement of the Amazon Defense Coalition

The Amazon Defense Coalition has released a statement in response to Dr. Charles Calmbacher's bewildering testimony today.

Below are some quotes, you can read the release here:

“Dr. Calmbacher clearly agreed to have his signature placed on materials, including reports, that were to be submitted to the court, and he acknowledged he was actively reviewing the reports with our local, technical team. We are bewildered, frankly, at his testimony."

"On August 27th, 2004, a major media outlet quoted him as saying: ''Their defense is a lot like the tobacco industry saying there is no evidence linking smoking and lung cancer,'' said Charles Calmbacher, a certified industrial hygienist who works as an expert for the plaintiffs.”


  1. FYI, the statement is by the Amazon Defense Coalition, which represents the plaintiffs in the lawsuit demanding Chevron clean up massive oil contamination in Ecaudor's Amazon rainforest region. Amazon Watch, an independent NGO which supports the affected communities but is not a party to the lawsuit, has not yet issued a statement. I hope for the sake of clarity you will revise the post. Thank you for your coverage of this critical issue!