Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Let Anyone Mention Ecuador!

A few months ago I blogged about Chevron having protesters arrested at its annual shareholder meeting in Houston. Chevron’s CEO John Watson went even further and filled criminal charges against Chevron’s longtime critic Antonia Juhasz for speaking out about Chevron’s despicable environmental record. I wonder if it was also John Watson who thought forcing people to stay quiet would be a solution.

Read more on Chevron Pit.


  1. I go to your blog and the first thing I see is a photo containing Ecuadorian flags and picket signs. You don't know how happy this makes me and my friend Mary. She also just signed up to follow your blog. Her grandparents were killed, and her father orphaned, during the construction of the Texaco pipeline, so as you can imagine, this is very personal for her.

  2. Here's my friend Mary's Yelp profile, by the way. Check out her "All About Ecuador" link. Also, check her profile pics for photos she took while she was in the country recently.