Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Chevron Paying For Support

What does a company that is facing worldwide criticism for its unethical behavior and disregard for the environment do to improve its image? You’d think it would get on the right track and clean up its messes, right? Not Chevron! Chevron prefers to take an easy way out and simply pay people to speak positively about them. The Chevron Pit gives us a few examples of Chevron’s team trying to buy people’s support. In 2009 Gene Randall, former CNN correspondent, took part in Chevron produced fake news report, that the oil giant tried to distribute online as real news. Next year, journalist Mary Cueddehe was offered $20,000 by the oil giant to go undercover and spy on Ecuadorians suffering from Chevron’s contamination. There’s also Zennie Abraham- San Francisco Chronicle blogger who continuously posted one sided articles putting Chevron in a positive light. Read Chevron Pit’s latest post to find out more about Zennie’s “sponsored” posts.

The truth however is not that easy to hide. All of Chevron’s schemes are failing. As for Zennie Abrams… he got fired and will no longer be allowed to post Chevron scripted blogs on San Francisco Chronicle’s website.

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