Friday, January 6, 2012

Chevron’s Worst Enemy: Its Own Law Firm, Gibson Dunn

Chevron’s law firm Gibson Dunn is quickly turning into the oil giant's worst enemy. According to the Chevron Pit , Gibson Dunn has taken Chevron down a litigious path that is benefiting only Gibson Dunn's bottom line. Over 60 Gibson Dunn lawyers are working for Chevron against the indigenous tribes who recently won an $18 billion judgment against the oil giant. All total, 500 lawyers and legal assistants are on Chevron's payroll, the Chevron Pit reports. What a waste -- money better spent on helping the Ecuadorians clean up the billions and billions of toxic waste and oil dumped into the soil and waterways of the rainforest. Talk about greedy lawyers? Start with Gibson Dunn.

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