Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why did Texaco let this happen?

I was thinking… why did Texaco let a disaster like this happen? Texaco dumps 18 billion gallons of oil and toxic water into the rainforest and walks away. Now the people living there are sick and dying, and they want it cleaned up! Can you blame them? It’s hard to believe Texaco didn’t know its system was substandard or that dumping toxins into waterways would cause a major environmental problem. Did Texaco just not care and chose the cheapest way to dispose of the toxic sludge by simply dumping it into the streams and leaving it to poison people and the Amazonian forest?

Texaco committed a crime first by polluting the soil and water and then by pretending to clean it up. Scientific tests have shown that 98% of the oil sites that Texaco had supposedly cleaned up still have illegal levels of toxins. Most of them are as bad as the ones that have not been remediated!

Now there’s Chevron… covering up Texaco’s crimes, refusing to help those affected by them and trying to derail the lawsuit.

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  1. Why did they let that happen? It's pretty simple government corruption and profit seeking. Oil isn't called the devil's tears for nothing.
    The same reason this is happening as the corporations and governments seek exponential growth which is turning the earth into Easter Island.