Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chevron's lobbying campaign backfires.

A few days ago KENNETH VOGEL of Politico wrote an interesting article on how Chevron’s fallacious defense strategy is bringing the oil giant down.

Here’s the link for the article:

With what seems to be unlimited financial resources, Chevron is having really hard time trying to defend itself. A while ago, as a response to CBS’s 60 Minutes, Chevron released a video showing Chevron’s side of the story. The oil giant was trying to get its point across but made the mistake of trying to fool people into believing it was a real news report. That was not taken well by the viewers.

A few months later Chevron took it even further and released videos of two men offering a bribe to the Ecuadorian judge. The problem...those recordings were made by a convicted felon and a Chevron contractor and the judge never accepted the bribe! Chevron claims it had no knowledge of the videos being made, but it seems completely unbelievable. Again, the public was misled.

Chevron fought for a very long time to have the case moved to Ecuador. Now, as we’re getting close to a ruling from the Ecuadorian court, Chevron is getting desperate.

As I mentioned in my last post, Chevron is trying to have Ecuador’s trading preferences taken away for supposedly not acting in accordance with the 1995 remediation agreement. The fact that it is Texaco that did not fulfill the main requirement of the agreement is ignored. Testing on samples from the waste pits prove that there was no clean up. The sites that were supposed to be remediated are as toxic as the ones that have never been touched. (See the list in my post form Nov 7th.) This itself makes the agreement invalid.

Chevron can afford to hire the best people in the business to improve its image but it seems like every step they take ends up making them look as guilty as they really are.

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