Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has gotten a lot of media attention recently and his immaculate image is being torn apart. The car accident and marriage troubles should not be any of our business but the fact that Tiger Woods wants to be associated with Chevron, who is the title sponsor of the Tiger Woods Foundation World Challenge Golf Tournament, needs to be talked about!

Woods said in a press release in April "Chevron has a track record and a commitment to bettering the communities where they operate," Haven’t Tiger Woods Foundation done any research before going into this business relationship? How could they not hear about Chevron’s track record of exploitation, pollution and complete lack of accountability? The oil giant is currently in the middle of the biggest environmental lawsuit- Ecuador vs. Chevron. Chevron dumped billions of gallons of toxic waste into waterways in Ecuador polluting the land and drinking water. People are getting sick and dying because of Chevron’s contamination.

Why would Tiger Woods want to associate himself with a company that destroys everything around it just to get what it wants and refuses to take any responsibility for its actions!

Woods should walk away from this partnership and show the world that Tiger Woods Foundation, unlike Chevron, actually cares about the environment, sustainability and people’s lives. It won’t fix Wood’s marriage crisis but it will get people talking about Chevron’s crimes.

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  1. Woods other then being part of the bread and circus of a modern day empire is in it for the money, the same way Chevron's backing him is in the relationship is for money, now that Woods has crashed and burned Chevron will run like hell to get away for any association with him just as other sponsors are doing.
    It's all about money for both parties involved and ethics doesn't have anything to do with it.