Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chevron Must Be Blind. The Evidence Is Right There!

If Chevron wants to see some evidence that tells the truth, a trip to the Ecuadorian jungle will be enough. The oozing oil pits, horrible stories of the families affected by the contamination, test results that show that the levels of toxins are way above legal limits by any standards show a full picture of the blatant environmental crime committed by Texaco.

Nobody, including Chevron, needs Joe Berlinger’s footage to find out the truth and everybody, including Chevron, knows that asking for it is just another cowardly ploy designed to buy some more time.

It was not an accidental spill like the one in Gulf Mexico we are witnessing right now. Texaco wanted to save money and instead of disposing of the toxic waste properly, it dumped it right in the middle of the Amazonian jungle contaminating waterways that 30,000 people depended on for living.

As if deliberately polluting the environment and destroying people’s lives wasn’t embarrassing and shameful enough, Chevron now has the audacity to refuse to take responsibility and keeps coming up with those outrageous schemes.

More here: The Real Corruption Is In The Ground, Not In Film Footage

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