Friday, May 14, 2010

Double Standards

With the oil gushing its way into our reality, we are all in a panic mode. We are worried about our environment, health and the effect toxic oil might have on our lives. It already happened for the people in Ecuador and they have been fighting hard to get through the thick and high wall of lies and denial Chevron has built.

Now, when it’s our lives that are in danger, maybe everyone will understand better what Ecuadorians fighting Chevron have been going through all these years. We are all appalled to hear BP, Transocean and Halliburton deny and blame one another for the spill. Just like Chevron has been refusing to take responsibility and pointing fingers at others, starting with Petroecuador.

President Obama said BP is to be blamed for this disaster, expressed concern and promised BP will pay for the cleanup. Everyone applauded and was very happy to have their President stand for what is right. When the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa visited oil sites Texaco left behind in the Amazonian jungle, Chevron called the whole Ecuadorian government corrupt and unjust. Is Chevron upset with President Obama for getting involved as well?

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Environmental disasters are horrible wherever they happen and there can’t be any double standards when it’s time for the ones who caused them to take care of the damage. This nonsense has to stop; Chevron needs to pay for the cleanup in Ecuador and so should BP for what’s happening in the Gulf Coast right now.

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